Preparing to breastfeed twins and triplets

Your guide to establishing breastfeeding when there is more than one baby!

This course is split into sections so you can tackle each topic at your own pace. You are given video guidance so I am with you every step of the way to make sure you feel comfortable and confident on your breastfeeding journey

One of the main concerns new families have when they find out they are expecting more than one baby is 'Can I still breastfeed?' Well, the answer is YES!

There are some more barriers to establishing breastfeeding than if you have a single and full-term baby, but with good knowledge, evidence-based information, and support, it is most definitely possible. And this is where this course is ideal.

I take you through all the different scenarios you may encounter when establishing breastfeeding twins and triplets and explain how to approach them. As a mum of twins and lactation consultant who has supported literally thousands of multiple birth families online or in person, I have vast experience of all the common issues.

Topics include preparation and underlying knowledge of milk production and getting a good latch, premature birth and late preterm /early term birth, tandem feeding, expressing and pumping, milk storage, combination feeding, common problems and a whole lot of other things too. You will also continue to have access to this course so you can look back on different topics should those circumstances arise.

What topics does this course cover...

How do twins happen?

We take a look at how twins happen and the different types of twins

Preparing to breastfeed

We explore our emotions at this time, preparing for the birth, preparing for feeding and how to get the support you need.

Human Milk

Learn all about colostrum, milk composition and how it is made

skin to skin

The importance of skin to skin contact at birth and beyond

How to Breastfeed

We look at the practicalities of breastfeeding, including how to latch a baby, different positions and how to tell if babies are getting enough milk and much more...

when to breastfeed

How do you know when to breastfeed? We look at the cues and signs to watch out for and the pattern of a feed itself.

premature birth

Establishing milk supply via pumping, transitioning onto the breast and more

How to Breastfeed late preterm or early term babies

We take a look at how to navigate breastfeeding babies who are a little early, 35-38 weeks

which pump do i use?

Which pump? Different pumps are suitable for different scenarios. And milk storage.

common problems

Multiple birth breastfeeders have all the same problems as those who just have the one baby. Here we cover the common problems that may occurs and how to deal with them


We take a look at sleep set ups, safe sleeping habits and bed sharing. And how to make sure you are getting some!

Responsive bottle feeding

We take a look at responsive bottle feeding. And safe formula preparation.

This course will benefit you if:

  • You are a first-time parent to twins and triplets and you have no idea where to start with breastfeeding

  • You have had previous breastfeeding experience, with singletons but are worried about feeding more than one.

  • You have had singletons and did not manage to meet your breastfeeding goals.

  • You are not sure about whether to breastfeed and want to find out all about it.

  • You have just had your babies and would like infromation about breastfeeding that you can view in the comfort of your own home, hands free on your phone!

How Much Does it cost?

Course Only Access


  • Includes lifetime access to the course
  • Video Tutorials
  • Extra Resources

Course Access + 60 Minute Post Natal Video Call


  • Includes lifetime access to the course
  • Video Tutorials
  • Extra Resources
  • 60 Minute Post Natal Video call for additional support

Hi I'm Kathryn, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Breastfeeding Counsellor, I have been supporting multiple birth families to breastfeed their babies for over 15 years

I'm also a mum of four boys, two of which are twins, so I understand the challenges that many of us face when we are trying to breastfeed one, let alone two little ones. This course has been created out of love, and a need and want to help other twin mums out there navigate breastfeeding without the stress. There is so much conflicting advice and misinformation out there if you are not sure where to look. Not to mention many people, including some health care professionals, not understanding it is even possible to breastfeed more than one baby!.

Don't believe me, believe them

Kathryn gave me the knowledge and confidence that it is possible to breastfeed my twins. Without this, I wouldn't have been fully armed for my current journey - nearly four months in and going strong! I am so pleased to know that I have found a highly qualified and personally experienced IBCLC should I ever need advice, guidance or support. Thank you Kathryn, for everything you have built and all you do.


Kathryn helped me to understand that breastfeeding triplets was actually possible when everyone around me thought I was totally mad for even contemplating it. Yes it has been hard, but with three babies, everything is hard! We have actually managed to exclusively breastfeed which I am so thrilled about.


Kathryn gives evidenced based information allowing each family to make an informed choice to suit their personal circumstances. I have had to combination feed due to some supply issues. But we have managed to create a compromise that suits our family, allows me to have a bit of sleep and also gives my partner the chance to do a feed or two whilst ensuring the breastfeeding relationship is protected.


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